Since 1995 I have had my own business in the restoration of antique pianos.

Before that I worked as an assistant for a number of restorers and builders of historic pianos. The instruments that I restore are mostly of the Viennese School- built between 1800 and 1840. Piano design underwent enormous development between 1760 and 1840. The builders of this time each had their own formulas for design. This gave a great diversity of sound to their instruments, and makes working with them most interesting.

These pianos often require restoration from the ground up. This can mean that the soundboard (the heart of the instrument) must be removed, repaired, and re-glued; this brings the piano back to it's full sounding potential. It is important that the instrument hold it's tuning, therefore it is often necessary to re-glue or fully replace the pin block.

The piano's actions requires alot of attention. Components that are missing must be exactly duplicated; those that are present must often be repaired. Damage to the case is repaired, and re-finishing is done in the traditional method of French Polish, using shellac.

I restore pianos on commission, and have my own collection of restored and un restored instruments. Piano's of mine are often used for    concerts and recordings. It is also possible for fine players to use instruments in my atelier for study and concert preparation.

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